After 35 years in the jazz trenches including 1000's of gigs and several years on the music faculty at Pasadena City College (in Pasadena, CA) I am now offering my services as a clinician conducting master classes at colleges, high schools and jazz societies.

In recent months I have conducted clinics at California State University, Fullerton (Jazz Vocal Ensemble re: learning to scat sing), twice at San Antonio College in San Antonio, TX (small group jazz concept, and working with the big band as well), The Bakersfield Jazz Workshop, Bakersfield CA (learning to be a better player by improving your listening skills on the stand), Mesa Community College, Phoenix, AZ (general small combo concept). At Pasadena City College I have taught hundreds of hours of private drum set instruction, conducted numerous clinic-rehearsals of PCC's big bands, co-taught a class on Rhythm Section Technique/Concept, and guested teaching the Jazz Vocal Techniques class.

All of my teaching and clinic topics are inspired by my experience in the real world, working with many types of bands, 100's of singers, and leading my own jazz-vocal gigs with my quartet. I have the rare ability to work with both vocalists and instrumentalists, and the unique perspective of a career rhythm section player who also knows what it feels like to be in front of the band.

If your school or organization is interested in having me work with your students, send an email to me at


Jazz Clinic at Clackamas College, Portland OR


Drum Set Clinic - Jazz BD & Snare Activity

A clip from a clinic with a drum set class. I discuss how the jazz drummer decides what kind of activity to play with the BD and snare in a jazz setting.


Clinic on learning to be a better listener on the stand.

In this clinic, I used an anecdote to make the point that listening to the other players on the stand, and engaging them in a musical conversation is the whole point of small-group jazz. Later in the clinic, I went through the quartet and told what I specifically listen for from the various members of the band. The goal is to impress jazz students with how important listening and communication is, and give them some specific answers to the question, "What does it mean to be a good listener?"


Scat Singing Clinic at CSU Fullerton

I worked with the Vocal Jazz Ensemble at Cal. State Univ., Fullerton (directed by Laura Harrison). I talked about how critical it is to listen to a large amount of instrumental bebop if one wants to learn to scat sing. I brought a handout with a step by step plan detailing what to listen for in small-group instrumental jazz in order to develop one's understanding of jazz soloing. I provided a list of specific tracks that would be excellent for a vocalist who is new to bepop to listen to. And of course I had fun doing some scat soloing with the excellent CSUF trio!

Big Band Clinic w/ Pasadena City College Lancer Big Band

Here are some clips of a recent clinic with the Pasadena City College Lancer Big Band. I was working with them to tighten up the groove on the swing lines and also helping the drummer to improve his big band set ups and foreshadowing.