Drummer. Vocalist. Songwriter. Educator.

Dave Tull has long been known as one of the world’s finest jazz drummers and has also built a reputation as a premiere jazz singer and songwriter. Dave Tull’s latest release, “Texting and Driving” was the #2 most requested new album of 2018 on SiriusXM Real Jazz, and was featured by NPR’s Susan Stamberg on Weekend Edition. Singing from the drums, Dave brings to the stage a rare combination of joyous songwriting, world-class jazz singing and drumming. Think “Frishberg meets Gershwin”. Dave’s songs have been called both “laugh out loud funny” and inspiring of “soul searching and introspection”, propelling “Texting and Driving” to #5 on the Billboard Jazz Chart, and #3 on the Billboard Comedy Chart in the same week, and 23 weeks on the JazzWeek chart! Dave’s celebrated first CD, “I Just Want To Get Paid”, continues to get regular airplay many years after its release.

When not leading his own trio, Dave is one of the busiest drummers on the scene. In 2016 Dave became the drummer for Barbra Streisand and has played five tours with Streisand including at Madison Square Garden in July 2019, and on Barbra’s GRAMMY NOMINATED live Netflix concert video, “Barbra – “The Music..The Mem’ries..The Magic!”. Dave toured from 2000-2010 as drummer and lead vocalist for Chuck Mangione. Dave’s vocal on Mangione’s “The Children of Sanchez” and his bebop scat vocal on “Dizzymiles” were featured at the Playboy Jazz Festival at Hollywood Bowl and The Blue Note in New York City. Dave toured and recorded two CD’s with Maynard Ferguson, 1987-91.

            Dave plays drums on four of Michael Bublé’s CD’s including Bublé’s notable version of “Moondance”. Dave has played drums on the FOX TV show “Family Guy” and on the recent series of Pixar shorts, "Forky Asks A Question". Dave is the drummer on nine of Cheryl Bentyne’s (of the Manhattan Transfer) CD’s and has done six tours of Japan with Bentyne. Dave sings on two tracks of her CD “Moonlight Serenade” including a scat solo on the song “Tull Tales”, named after Dave! Dave wrote the vocalese lyric for Bentyne’s “All of You” for her 2009 Cole Porter Songbook CD. Dave played with Jack Sheldon’s Quartet and Big Band from 1991 until Jack’s recent passing and on Jack's 2007 CD, “Listen Up”. Richie Cole has featured Dave on drums and vocals, and Cole has arranged two of Dave’s original songs for his band.

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The G Spot, Los Angeles, Sunday Dec. 3, 7:30pm ------- Vic's Las Vegas - Feb. 2-3, 2024 ------- Wayne Bergeron/Dave Tull Band June 13, 2024 - Orange County Museum (details soon!)------- The Sound Room, Oakland, Sat. June 22 ------- Siskiyou Music Project - Grizzly Peak Winery, Ashland, OR, June 23, 2024


June 2023 - The Grape Ventura ------- July 2023 - Jazz In The Pines - Idyllwild -------July 2023 - "Jazz In July with Wayne Bergeron Granda Hills ------- July 2023 - Campus JAX Newport Beach ------- Sep 2023 - Pasadena City College ------- Oct. 2023 - House Concert - CalJaz Arts -------October 2023 - Libretto Paso Robles -------April 2023 - The Sound Room- Oakland, CA South Pasadena, 7:20pm --------April 2023 - The South Pasadena Eclectic Festival -------- April 2023 - Charlie Shoemake Series, Cambria, 5:00 -------- May 2023 - The Orchard, Newport Beach, -------- Thursday, June 1 - The Merc, Temecula-------- June 2023, Jazzville, Palm Springs -------- Oct. 2023 - Libretto - Paso Robles - /March 2023 - Casino San Clemente -------- March 2023 - Live at The G Spot in Mt. Washington -------- Feb. 2023 - Special Performance for the Boys & Girls Club of Palm Desert -------- Jan. 2023 - The Ventura Music Festival -------- Oct. 2022 - Jazz Vespers - San Luis Obispo Presbyterian Church -------- Sep. 2022 - Casino San Clemente -------- Sep. 2022 - Pasadena City College Concert -------- Sep. 2022 - Bakersfield Jazz Workshop clinic and concert -------- Sep. 2022 - Sunset Jazz with Carol Welsman, Irvine CA -------- Aug. 2022 - Laguna Festival of the Arts -------- Aug. 2022 - Bill Cantos & Dave Tull Together! - Vibrato, Bel Air CA -------- Aug. 2022 - The Merc - Temecula, CA -------- Jul. 2022 - Dave Tull & Lia Booth Together - Campus JAX, Newport Beach, CA-------- Jul. 16, 2022 - Jazz In July - 1st Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills -------- Jul. 3-9, 2022 - Jazz In The Pines - Idyllwild Arts Academy -------- Jun. 18, 2022 - Libretto - Paso Robles -------- May 13, 2022 - The Sound Room, Oakland, CA -------- April 26, 2022 - Tony Monaco, Grant Geissman & Dave Tull - Sunsert Jazz, Newport Beach, CA -------- April 7, 2022 - Dave Tull, Bill Cantos & Tony Gurrero - Campus JAX, Newport Beach -------- March 10, 2022 - Jazz at The Merc - Temecula -------- Nov. 16, 2021 - Clinic & Concert at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA -------- Nov. 12, 2021 - Broadway House Concerts - Eugene, OR -------- Nov. 9, 2021 - The 1905 w/ Rebecca Kilgore - Portland, OR -------- Nov. 8, 2021 - Jazz Clinic - Clackamas College - Portland, OR -------- Nov. 7, 2021 - Siskiyou Music Project, Ashland, OR

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