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David Tull: News

Texting and Driving CD update - April 22, 2017


As of this writing I am nearly done with tracking for my upcoming CD, "Texting and Driving". The process has taken some time indeed, but I hope to have the CD out in a couple of months. When I write a song, I take whatever time is needed to get it right, and my CD is the same deal. The most recent session was tracking real strings (it's such a shame that we have to say "real", but that's the industry today....) arranged by the amazing George Stone for one of my ballads called, "The Moment". We also recorded the delightful Inga Swearingen for background vocals on that tune as well. It's DELICIOUS!

In the coming days I am planning sessions to get horns and a few soloists tracked on several tunes.

Then I dive into the final mix and mastering, artwork, manufacturing, promotion and publicity..... It seems like an endless list, but I want to have it all done well!

If you would like updates about the progress of the Texting and Driving CD, and a notification when it is released, please put your email address on the sign up on the home page of this website.

Hope to see you at one of my gigs soon! I'll be at The Lighthouse with my quartet on Wednesday, June 28, 6-9pm. Check the calendar page for address and details.




My CD "I Just Want To Get Paid" is always available on and itunes! - March 27, 2017

My CD, "I Just Want To Get Paid" is available at, and also itunes! Pick your source, but pick one up today!

DAVE TULL: I Just Want To Get Paid

"I Just Want To Get Paid" Lyric - January 14, 2017

I Just Want To Get Paid Words and Music by Dave Tull ©1998 DAVID TULL MUSIC (BMI) VERSE: Well I’m a side man musician I’ve played with every kind of band But after all these years there’s still some things That I can never understand. Like, why do people bother clappin’ When they’ve been talkin’ all night long? Why do they have to ask their questions In the middle of a song? But of all these things, the one I truly dread Is when band leaders make me haggle Just to get my bread....... TEMPO: I Just Want To Get Paid! You can’t forget about the deal that we made. I get my money when the gig is complete But now it’s time to write checks And you’re dragging your feet. It’s late and I’m starting to fade And I Just Want To Get Paid! I Just Want To Get Paid! I took the gig despite how badly you play. Then you made it your business to keep turning around To give me gems of advice How to work on my sound. I almost walked, but I stayed Because I Just Want To Get Paid! Well I packed my things at the end of the bash And I’ve been waiting to hit the street. But when I tracked you down to get my cash you said, “Just put your address on this sheet”. No, no! I Just Want To Get Paid! Your little story just don’t make the grade. Your check book’s at home And there’s no cash here But you’ve got plenty of dough To pay for all of that beer You’ve been suckin’ down like, lemonade And I Just Want To Get Paid! TAG: Well the gig was so long and the breaks were all short But now we’ve played the last song so the ball’s in your court. I’m standing here jingling the keys to my car While you rap with some chick at the end of the bar. The club owner hands a stack of 20’s to you But now you need a whole week for his check to go through. And what about that tip we made? I Just Want To Get Paid! RUBATO OUT VERSE: You know I love to play my music Even if it has to be with you. I’ll give you everything I’ve got each night And my demands are very few. Just don’t treat your side musicians Like some possession that you own. Say the same thing when we’re working That you told me on the phone. But still sometimes before the gig I’ve prayed. And I’ve said, “Lord! Lord! Please just let me get paid!”

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