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David Tull: Bio

Dave Tull

Drummer/Vocalist/Songwriter email:

Dave Tull Promotional Video (


         For thirty years Dave Tull has been known as a world-class jazz and big band drummer. For the last ten years he has built a reputation as a great jazz singer, songwriter and bandleader. In July 2016 Dave became the drummer for the iconic Barbra Streisand  and has played three US Tours, including the live recording in Miami for a soon-to-be-released Netflix special.

            Dave’s celebrated first CD, “I Just Want To Get Paid”, continues to get regular airplay and sell well seven years after its 2009 release. Dave’s second CD “Texting and Driving” is in the works, slated for release in mid 2017.

            Dave has led his trio at The Vail, CO Jazz Festival, The prestigious Los Angeles County Museum of Art Jazz Series (including a two-hour broadcast on KKJZ!), The Newport Beach Jazz Party, The Nash in Phoenix, The Arts Garage in Boca Raton FL, The Miami Jazz Coop in Coral Gables, FL, The Jazz Showcase in Chicago, The Oregon Coast Jazz Party, and The “Jazz at Joe’s” concert series in Bend, OR among others. He was a featured performer both singing and drumming at the 2015 and 2016 Frank DeMiero Jazz Festivals. Dave has toured four times in recent years trading tunes and singing duets with vocalist Rebecca Kilgore, and also has performed with pianist/vocalist Judy Roberts.

            Dave toured the world from 2000-2010 as drummer and lead vocalist for Chuck Mangione. Dave’s vocal on Mangione’s “The Children of Sanchez” and his bebop scat vocal on “Dizzymiles” has been featured at hundreds of concerts including The Playboy Jazz Festival at Hollywood Bowl and The Blue Note in New York City. A video of Dave with Mangione can be viewed at

            Recently Dave has served as drummer for Brian Bromberg’s recent tour and singer/actor Robert Davi’s shows at The Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Budapest Arena and many other concerts around the world. Dave plays on four of singer Michael Buble’s CD’s including Buble’s notable version of “Moondance”. Dave has played drums for several episodes of the FOX TV show “Family Guy” and has backed Seth MacFarlane with The Ron Jones Influence Big Band. Dave is the drummer on eight of Cheryl Bentyne’s (of the Manhattan Transfer) CD’s and has done six tours of Japan with Bentyne. Bentyne had Dave sing on two tracks of her CD “Moonlight Serenade” including the song “Tull Tales”, named after Dave! Dave wrote the vocalese lyric for Bentyne on “All of You” for her 2009 Cole Porter Songbook CD. Dave has played with Jack Sheldon’s Quartet and Big Band since 1991 and is on Jack’s 2007 CD, “Listen Up” on Butterfly Records. Dave has played with the Steve Huffsteter Big Band since 1998 and is on Steve’s CD “Live at Café 322”. He has been a member of The Les Brown Band of Renown since 1999, playing on that band’s CD, “Session 55”. Dave was the drummer for The Steve Allen Big Band for 5 years and performed many years with The Paul Smith Trio. Richie Cole has featured Dave on drums and vocals, and Cole has arranged two of Dave’s original songs for the band!

            An active jazz clinician on both drums and vocals, Dave teaches drum set at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA, and is the drum set instructor for the Los Angeles Jazz Society’s “Bill Green Mentorship Program”.

Selected Reviews of Dave Tull’s CD,

“I Just Want To Get Paid”


 “Dave Tull: Stories of his Own” By Christopher Loudon 07/12/10


“I Just Want to Get Paid! is a wonderful collection of 14 original tunes, all smart, fresh and inventive. As great as the songs are, Tull, strongly reminiscent of both Kurt Elling and Mark Murphy, is just as impressive an interpreter. As a wordsmith capable of crafting sly, brilliantly funny, slice-of-life tunes, he is steadily inching toward that exalted plateau inhabited by Dave Frishberg. He is an equally gifted, and equally wide-ranging, architect of love songs. Tull demonstrates deep appreciation for love lost, found, old, new, vibrant or faded.”


Scott Yanow for L.A. Jazz Scene   May 2011 -- Issue #284


Although best known as a drummer for such notables as Chuck Mangione, Jack Sheldon, Michael Buble and Richie Cole along with his own trio, Dave Tull is also a singer worth discovering. His voice is appealing, he is an expert scat singer, and he handles lyrics well.


On I Just Want To Get Paid, Tull not only sings and plays drums but contributed all 14 songs, both the words and the music. He is an excellent lyricist who tells stories that relate to the jazz life, filled with both humor and insight truths.


Along with some offbeat love songs, "I Just Want To Get Paid", "You're Talkin' Too Loud", and "The Minutes Go Like Hours When You Sing" are especially memorable, dealing with deadbeat bandleaders, noisy audience members and amateur singers who should never be allowed to sit in. Tull's vocals are sincere and sell his songs well. His trio, which also includes pianist Corey Allen and bassist Kevin Axt, are joined by saxophonist Doug Webb and trumpeter Steve Huffsteter on some of the selections.


During an era when both male jazz singers and worthwhile new material are in short supply, Dave Tull's I Just Want To Get Paid is a welcome release that is easily recommended and available from


Marissa Dodge for


“A bit of Joe Williams’ influence is evident in Dave’s full voice range, feel, and phrasing, but Dave is no imitator, the payoff is that he’s a world class drummer, vocalist, composer, and rare find. Fortunately, a musician friend hipped me to Dave, and within 10 seconds of hearing this track on  youtube, I gladly paid Dave for his CD and it was worth every cent.”


Doug McIntyre of KABC radio, Los Angeles

'I Just Want to Get Paid!" is swingin', romantic and laugh out loud funny-- everything we love about jazz.


Dave Tull Drums - Partial Discography

Dave Tull, I Just Want To Get Paid, 2009

Maynard Ferguson, Big Bop Nouveau, 1990

Maynard Ferguson, high Voltage 2, 1989

Maynard Ferguson, Live at “Back To Balboa”, 1991

Michael Buble, Michael Buble, 2003

Michael Buble, It’s Time, 2005

Michael Buble, Come Fly With Me, 2007

Michael Buble, Let It Snow, 2009

Family Guy TV Show 2011-2015, 10 episodes

Cheryl Bentyne, Paris Is Burning, 2002

Cheryl Bentyne, Moonlight Serenade, 2002

Cheryl Bentyne, Let Me Off Uptown, 2005

Cheryl Bentyne, Let’s Misbehave, 2012

Cheryl Bentyne, Gershwin Songbook, 2010

Cheryl Bentyne, Lost Love Songs, 2016

Cheryl Bentyne, The Book of Love, 2006

Cheryl Bentyne, DVD and CD,Among Friends, 2003

Steve Allen Big Band 75th Birthday Celebration,

         Album and PBS Special, 1995

Jack Sheldon Quartet, Listen Up, 2007

Renee Olstead, Renee Olstead, 2004

Les Brown Band of Renown, Session 55, 2001

George Stone, The Real Deal, 2010

George Stone, Piece By Piece, 1994

Dirk Fisher & George Stone, Coming of Age, 2009

Phil Woods, Unheard Herd, 2006

Phil Norman Tentet, Totally Live, 2008

Paul Smith Trio, Paul Smith Trio, DVD and CD, 2006

Steve Hufftstetter Big Band, Live at Café 322, 2007

Steve Huffsteter, Gathered Around, DVD and CD, 2004

Stephanie Powers, On The Same Page, 2003

And many many more…….